On Creating Structure in Media Works

Creating Structure:
You need to create a structure to organize your raw content; video, images and sounds. This can be imagined as a framework that holds your images together and presents them in a coherent and effective manner. There is no need to make it complicated. Understanding the value of spareness and economy when it comes to conveying emotion is so often overlooked as a possible route through a project.

Here are some other tips:
•Repetition of specific images or parts of images help to create a visual connection and therefore structure.
•Adding to that, varying the image, using it strategically throughout your narrative helps create structure.
•Using a detail from an image and enlarging it or making it smaller to create a new image or variation will help to create structure.
•Using found objects, shadows and textured backgrounds can help to create mood and structure.

•Deciding to use only specific colors or tones and using them consistently and throughout your portrait will help to create structure.
•Repeated use of the same font (semi-transparent layers in video if we can get to it!) with variations helps create structure.
Or create your own text using your imagination… and ketchup, or macaroni, or shoelaces, or bottle-caps, or sticks. See Napolean Dynamite‘s opening credits again for inspiration
• Let’s not forget about sound; melodious undercurrents, whispers,  and sound loops, for starters.
Or rings and ring-tones, voicemail, alarms, sirens, horns, machines (that talk) etc.
Maybe you want to create your own song in Garage Band… go for it.


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