design practices outline

Communication Practices
September 4, 2008

Screenings: YouTube
1.    Typography from Vancouver Art School (VFS), 1:56
2.    Sessions: Fundamentals of Typography, Anatomy of Type, 5:27
3.    Sessions: Choosing Display Type, 3:46
4.    Typography Lectures Part 2, 8:48

Read: Wikipedia article on Ikebana. Try to relate it to our lesson in typography

Question: Why do we concern ourselves with the concept of good design?
Group discussion

Elements of Design:
1.    The Golden Mean (research the definition and description)
2.    Focal point
3.    Use of Balance, Symmetry/Asymmetry
4.    Positive/Negative Space
5.    Contrast
6.    Repetition
7.    Rhythm/ Pacing, changes in
8.    Pauses, Rests and Silences
9.    Transitions
10.    Suppression and Misdirection

Typography Concepts:
1.    Shape, Line and Form of the characters
2.    Baseline
3.    X Height
4.    Descenders
5.    Ascenders
6.    Cap Height
7.    Type Size
8.    Line Weight
9.    Serifs/ Sans Serif
10.    Leading
11.    Kerning
12.    Headers, Footers, Body
13.    1st Read, 2nd read, etc.

Additional Concepts:
Ears, Arms, Shoulders, Stems, Counters, Bar, Spur, Tail, Spine, Bowls

Activities Module:
1    Group discussion related to questionnaire
2    Burning Disks
3    Distribution of course material prepared on DVD
4    Screening of listed videos
5    Students to research “Ikebana” on  Wikipedia (and elsewhere)
6    Intro to the type assignment. Use of FontBook and introduction to Photoshop